Monday, February 23, 2009

Tribute to Jentia

All about Jessy (",) actually i purposely using green color coz i knew that she hate green so much hehe. This girl really really really fall in love with PINK color. I hate pink...everything that she want all come out in PINK color...ayoo yo yo. As a fren i cannot stoped her to hate that color. Ah... forget about color, lets the game begin!

Jessica Jentia

her full name...what a beautifull name just like the owner. She's taller than me and guess what? She's enter ARMY during our college life she love to join that club. She told me that UNIFORM'S so smart...and she wish to be a POLICE...'indu pulis ko kitai Iban' that would be cool for her. Eventhought she like that kind of job but shes still girly inside hehehe. She did enter Kumang Gawai Sarikei 2008 and her look damn gorgeous!


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