Monday, March 23, 2009

Rock Sunday

Last Sunday (22/03/09)

Me, Jess and Frens went to Water World Afamosa, pagi nya udah pulai ari Church..Jue & Liza(our hsemate) fecth both of us at Dataran Pahlawan around 10.30am. Sempat agi kami duai Jess having an Ice Cream ba IGLOO...our favs soft ice cream...yummmy *thinking about the taste of it now* damn!!! yummy

Then, around 1.00pm kami nurun ke Afamos using ViVaLiciOus Mira, datai din pukul 2.00pm. Parking penuh amat...nasib ari enda entu panas enti nda amat tak ensinat muO ngiga parking hehe...Lucky us laban kami bulih parking ke semak hehe Udah bebeli ke ticket kami pun masuk and ready up to Rock On!
All of us really having lots of FUN!..yeah! I plan to go there again and with my family and a bunch of my old fren. Really enjoy and tiring but worth it bebeh
Here i did added some pics of us during happy wet day at Water World Afamosa

Jess & Jean

Mira, Jue, Jean & Liza

Jean & Mira

Mira & Jess

Our Tickets

Fun begin here! Jess & Jean

Fantastic Four 66G

The Girls having FUN

Get Wet & Sunny

Rawai Ini Andan & Kacit Pinang

Fantastic Four 66G in Action
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